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A sought-after, hands-on, award-winning Senior Creative / Associate Creative Director. I generate strong creative concepts for nationally and internationally recognized brands, on multiple platforms.

what i do

Creative Concepts

I bring to life creative ideas, from nothing to something.

Strategic Thinking

This is at the core of what I do. There is no creative idea without a good strategy behind.

Creative Direction

I help teams align the creative strategy to a meaningful solution. 

Expert Communication Skills

I communicate, problem solve and present ideas clearly, efficiently and respectfully 

Art Direction

I give and maintain a beautiful and unique look and feel to every project.

Nurture Young Talent

I love working with younger talent and help them discover their potential

Graphic Design

I help your projects stand out.

Production Design

From resizing to ready-to-print files or digital assets, I get your projects ready for the real world.


Thank you for your trust...

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hola! my name is rodrigo.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, you know, small town with 30,000,000 people living in it... ​I came to Canada to study art and advertising thinking I was going to back to Mexico. But... I met my wife here, so I've delayed the going back home for now.


My other passion: magic tricks (that’s right, magic!) has led me to become an International Bestselling Award-winning Author of two personal development books and an Inspirational speaker. Who would have thought that a person who thinks in images, and whose second language is English could write a book (now, that's magic).


I've had the honour of teaching and helping younger generations in the Creative Advertising Program at Humber College, but let's be honest, they teach me more than I can teach them. Funny enough I'm teaching the same program I took 10+ years ago (time flies). 


let's get in touch

Whether you want to learn more about what I do, work together, make a new friend, see a magic trick or grab a virtual or an in person coffee, or get something out of my chest... hit me up, let's chat. Because trust me, I definitely want to learn more about you. I am always open to see which road life can take me.

Call, text, email or fill up the form below and let the magic begin.

416 807 1302

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